jun 17

Web of courses, readings and free games

Web of courses, readings and free games

I show you a website to read every day, and not only read but also get funny including in it comments and submissions for free games. A course about the interesting interpretation of the Bible without focusing in any Christian subdivision, general readings, cooking recipes for adventurous who want to learn to cook Latin American food. About computer it’s an interesting course to learn computer repair and current technology, including some tablets and mobile. The web is: Readings, games and courses.

The website is updated with selected content every week.

The recommendation is to spend twenty to forty minutes daily (sometimes simply play a game) and having fun and learning go well. Throughout each year is actually much what the user ends up learning, having fun, and expand their knowledge and culture. Also if you use the web every day you’ll strengthen your strength of commitment and your will. The web has been a success in Spanish and is now being translated into English.

Maybe you’ll say that you aren’t interested in anything in particular, but everything is useful, the games develop intelligence and deduction, the study of Christianity increases faith, learning to cook adds skills in an important area, cultural readings add culture and intelligence, computer course is very useful in the current epoch.

And if occasionally you review previous points, you’ll memorizing the information from better way. Finally, a recommended web for those who want to know, I read it and I recommend it with this presentation that can be shared. The web access is free Estudiargratis.net

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